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Tradition is a task and an obligation

The Diemel flows in many meanders to the Weser and forms a sharp bend at Trendelburg around a rocky ridge, which in ancient times was called “Trindirberg”. This probably got its name from the village of Trende, which was located to the west at the time, but which has now completely disappeared.

Before 1300, Konrad III of Schöneberg built a castle on this mountain to protect the road from Kassel to Bremen. The settlement in front of the castle was also built at that time.

Around 1305, Landgrave Heinrich I and the Bishop of Paderborn each acquired half of the castle. The Hessian part was a fief of Paderborn. The von Stoghusens were appointed as officials, who inhabited the castle for four generations.

In 1443 and 1456 the fortification was renewed after major fires.

After reconstruction, the Trendelburg was adapted to the present visible form. The 38 meter high keep with four fortified cores and a ring wall with a pentagonal ground plan with four small round towers extended the ensemble. In the residential building, which was built in the 15th or 17th century, the remains of the late Gothic chapel with ribbed vault have been preserved, which today serves the Trendelburg registry office as a wedding room.

During the 30-year war, the castle was occupied by Tilly’s troops and destroyed by the Croats in 1637. During the 7-year war Trendelburg was occupied by the French, who were driven out by artillery fire by Duke Ferdinand V of Brunswick.

In 1901, Colonel Adalbert von Stockhausen, probably a descendant of the von Stoghusens, bought the castle.

Taken over by the Dr. Lohbeck group of companies in 1996, the castle’s long-term future was secured by its reopening to discerning visitors.
“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair…..”
If you believe the Brothers Grimm – and we do – the beautiful Rapunzel once lived here and let her golden hair down from her Rapunzel Tower for her fairy tale prince.

Today you can dream fabulously in the Rapunzel Tower. The view over the fairy tale land is heavenly enchanting and who knows, maybe you will meet one or the other whimsical and magical fairy tale character.


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