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Enjoy a very special Spa experience on holiday at Trendelburg Castle. The cosy massage bower instills complete tranquility and relaxation. The hustle and bustle of everyday-life evaporates into the far distance and behind the thick castle walls you gather new strength. Choose your favourite from our range – or why not try them all…?

Enquiries welcome – we’ll be very pleased to assist with any advice.


„Magic“ – Feel-Good-Massage

Soothing, relaxing your back and neck muscles. Pleasantly stimulating and supporting your circulation, skin and lymphatic system.

Price: from € 35,00 / per approximately 25 minutes – welcome to extend your session


Trendula’s Hot Stone Massage

Using warm volcanic stones, it has a relaxing and healing effect, benefitting muscular tensions and cramps. Enjoy the deep relaxation impact of this unique experience with “the magic of the stones”.

Price: € 75,00 / approximately 55 minutes


Rapunzel’s Herbal Pouches

This is a specific massage technique using warmed herbal bags (filled with our own house-mixture of herbs and spices) and essential oils, harmonising body and soul and achieving the ultimate feeling of wellbeing.

Price: € 88,00 / approximately 55 minutes


Big Time For Dreams

Harmony for body, soul and spirit. Finest warmed, natural essential oils support this meditative, deeply relaxing massage. Followed by the application of herbal pouches to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system. A vitalizing Aloe Vera fleece smooths your features whilst an oil-sea-salt foot-massage provides you with a “walking on air” feeling.

Price: € 165,00 / approximately 110 minutes